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Gut Repair Cleanse

January 24, 2016


This is a recap of a 14 day gut repair cleanse I did over the holidays. It was based off the Poliquin gut repair cleanse.


Just a quick disclaimer that this cleanse was designed specifically for myself and all the information provided is my own opinion and not to be taken as medical advice The goal of this 14 day protocol was to improve digestive system function, improve detoxification systems, reduce inflammation and cleanse the body simultaneously.


It is a combination of using an elimination diet while taking supplements to boost results and aid the body in recovering faster. In my opinion one of the biggest downfalls to a traditional cleanse is that they are very low in calories and especially low in protein. For your body to effectively detoxify it takes a substantial amount of protein as well as a balanced intake of vitamins and minerals, which is why you will notice that I eat way more than a traditional “cleanse” would recommend.

As far as results go I went form 218 lbs to 201 lbs and dropped from 18% to 15% body fat. All while training hard at least once a day and progressively feeling more energetic and stronger over the course of the 2 weeks.


My protocol is as follows:
For beverages only water and decaffeinated tea are allowed. Absolutely no caffeine, the reason for this is that caffeine is an irritant to the digestive tract and we are focusing on repairing that tissue in this protocol.

For meals in regards to protein I chose only organic grass fed, free range or wild caught protein sources, I did this to minimize the amount of toxins/hormones etc.. in the food I was eating. I did avoid eggs due to the possible food intolerance issue. Per meal it was approximately 4-8 oz depending on hunger. I don’t recommend getting too caught up on the actual amount.

For my healthy fats I chose avocados and coconut oil as my primary sources. I also used olive oil in salads as well, I avoided nuts and any other fat source to minimize possible food intolerance issues. A rough estimate for serving size would be 1 tbsp of coconut oil or a ½ avocado.

For my vegetables I focused on rotating 1-2 different vegetables per day. An example would be day 1 broccoli and kale, day 2 cauliflower and spring mix salads etc. I made sure to eat at least 2 fist sized servings of vegetables per meal but more if I was still hungry.


First thing upon waking
1 fresh squeezed lime with ¼ tsp of coloured salt, 10 grams of glutamine


Meal 1
Shake (2 scoops of primal clear, 10 grams of glutamine, 1 scoops of wellness greens, 1 scoop chia/flax seeds), 2 multi intense, 2 uber zinc, 2 p1p2, 10 grams of fish oil
1 serving of healthy fats, at least 2 servings of veggies


Meal 2
10 grams glutamine, 1 scoop wellness greens, 2 uber zinc, 2 proflora, 2 p1p2, 2 gi qwell
1 serving meat, 1 serving healthy fats, 2 servings veggies


Meal 3
10 grams glutamine, 1 scoop wellness greens, 2 multi intense, 10 grams fish oil
1 serving meat, 1 serving healthy fats, 2 servings veggies


Meal 4
10 grams fish oil, 2 multi intense, 2 uber mag, 2 proflora, 1 scoop wellness greens, 2 p1p2, 2 gi qwell,
10 grams glutamine
1 serving meat, 1 serving healthy fats, 2 servings veggies


Before bed
Shake (2 scoops primal clear, 10 grams glutamine, 1 scoop chia/flax seeds) 2 uber mag.


For all supplements I used the Poliquin brand except for the fish oil I used NutraSea.


Primal clear- Is a pea protein medical food powder designed to combat inflammation.
Glutamine- Is the main building block for repairing stomach and intestinal tissue and also helps to reduce inflammation.
Wellness greens – Is a fruit and vegetable extract used to increase antioxidant intake and help alkalize ph levels in the body.
Fish oil- Is used to combat inflammation and stabilize blood sugar as well as adding omega 3s.
Multi Intense – Is a multivitamin
Uber zinc – As my levels are deficient as tested before hand this zinc supplement helps to fix this deficiency
P1P2 – Is a supplement that helps boost liver function promoting balanced activity of Phase 1 and Phase II detoxification pathways
Proflora – Is a probiotic to help recolonize the healthy gut bacteria
GI Qwell- Is a zinc carnosine supplement that is great for repairing and strengthening the stomach lining
Uber mag – Is a magnesium blend to help promote sleep and improve insulin sensitivity


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