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Plan your meals like a champ

September 26, 2017

We all know that to make great progress with our health and fitness it is going to take time and dedication in the gym. Hands down it will be challenging but also very rewarding. The part where everyone usually has the most trouble however and often underestimates the impact it plays is on the nutrition side of things. 


In my humble opinion it is easily as important as your kickboxing, weight training or whatever other type of training your doing to get your results. This is even more true when you are trying to make any body composition changes. What exactly to eat is going to be different for every person. But the one thing that can be applied to everyone is proper meal planning for best results.


There are 4 things that will ensure success in the kitchen.


1. Plan out your week for a successful grocery shop. Make a list of what you are going to eat each day so you know exactly what, and how much to get at the store plus a few healthy snack for emergencies. As a precaution try not to go grocery shopping when you are hungry, this helps prevent grabbing junk food on a whim.


2. Pick 1-2 days a week to bulk cook. You can for example pick a Sunday and Wednesday where you set aside 1-2 hours and do all your cooking for the next 3-4 days. Not only will this ensure you have lots of yummy food on hand but you will cut down on the overall amount of time you spend cooking and cleaning up each week. That alone can be worth the effort to plan ahead.


3. Try to choose a wide variety of foods. A good rule of thumb here is to make sure you get lots of different colors into your fruit and veggie selections to ensure you are getting a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals in your diet. 


4. Keep a detailed food log of what your eating everyday. This helps ensures that you are staying on track and help to plan for the weeks ahead.


Have a great day everyone and remember that abs are made in the kitchen!


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