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Roasted Red Pepper and Sweet Potato Soup

August 15, 2017


For me, sometimes all it takes is a client mentioning the word “soup” to inspire me to create what I like to refer to as a ‘masterpiece in the kitchen!’ This time is was for my Roasted Sweet Potato & Red Pepper Soup recipe! While browsing around the grocery store, because that is what I LOVE to do, parsnips caught my eye, and I figured I could easily throw a couple in the soup to spice it up a bit (not literally) and make it a little different, because it is not included in my original recipe.


So, naturally I pre-heat the oven and start grating and chopping. The oven beeps to let me know its ready for me, and something tells me this means I have to hurry up. This is never a good idea especially because one of my clients bought me the most amazing knife from Japan, and it is extremely sharp. So, the inevitable happened, but my thumb is still here. Regardless of this mishap, the parsnips were a great addition to the soup and it turned out DELICIOUS!


I always have to ask myself, what is the lesson I was meant to learn from this knife mishap? Here is what I took from this experience. Cooking, for me at least, is something I really enjoy doing. It is something that can calm me down at times, cheer me up, get me excited, wind me down or bring a smile to my face. When I am cooking, baking or preparing, I enter this other world we can call a ‘happy place’ and if I want to keep that ‘happy place,’ rushing to finish chopping or cutting is not the way to do it. Playing music, taking your time, living in the present and either sharing the experience with a special person or being alone and loving every minute is the right way. So, lesson learned, do not rush to do the things you love, take your time and enjoy every moment.


Serves 4 people as an APPETIZER

Prep time 10

Cook time 70 mins


1 sweet potato

2 red peppers…you can add more just make sure the ratio of potato to peppers is 1 sweet potato: 2(peppers)

½ large white onion (sliced up)

1 garlic clove- no need to mince it, it gets blended at the end

Olive oil to lightly drizzle over ingredients

Sprinkle Italian seasoning over ingredients

Chicken broth-1 cup- add slowly while blending and look at texture- not too thick and a little at a time

35% whipping cream


Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Cut peppers in one inch slices, slice sweet potatoes in thin slices, chop onion in medium sized pieces. In a glass oven friendly dish add all ingredients with the garlic, oil and seasoning. Cook for 70 mins or until ingredients become soft and mushy (use a fork to test and if sweet potato is soft it’s done). Put in blender and slowly add chicken broth and a touch of 35% cream (1tbsp ish) to thicken!

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