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I have had the most amazing experience at Results Kickboxing. They have pushed me to succeed and become healthy and fit. They have also been mentally and emotionally supportive to keep me motivated throughout my time there. The environment there is welcoming and inspiring! It encompasses challenging, yet empowering, workouts that makes you feel incredibly proud and strong after. I have lost 45lbs and over 20 inches! No matter your goal, you will succeed at Results Kickboxing!

10/10 people,
10/10 workouts

Niki Burke

Oakville, ON

I love being apart of the rk community. It is such a welcoming and positive environment to be in where everyone motivates and helps each other succeed towards their fitness goals. The trainers are so supportive, and encouraging. They show how much they care about you in and outside of the gym. It truly makes all the difference in the world. The work outs are challenging and dynamic. I love that they incorporate kickboxing and weight training. I am amazed at the results I've achieved since joining, not only has my body been transforming, but I've gotten so much stronger and have done workouts I never thought I could do. RK is the best gym atmosphere I have ever been in!

Kristen Ellerson

Oakville, ON

What can I say it is all in the name "Results Kickboxing." You want results you just have to put in the time and you will get them. No matter if you are just starting out or want to challenge yourselves this program is for everyone. Both Steve and Chelsea are very knowledge, approachable and truly care if you succeed. It is more then a place to workout it is a friendly, family environment where everyone is supportive and encouraging. As a mom of four finding time to get a good workout in is hard but many of their clients are in the same position juggling a busy working family life. Having a family themselves they know everyone's time is precious so every workout is a good one! Steve and Chelsea also modify every exercise to cater to individual needs or injuries so you still feel like you got a workout in. They offer female and male classes only but also offer some co-ed classes that I enjoyed as well because I got to exercise with my husband. Bottom line just try it, you will love it and it is addictive.

Steph Bovingdon

Oakville, ON

Absolutely amazing! Both Steve and Chelsea are incredibly motivating. The classes are always different so it never gets repetitive or boring. The energy that they bring to the classes keeps me going. I would be lost without them!

Christina Martikainen

Oakville, ON

It's not just a work out! Steve and Chelsea provide tremendous support to achieve your goals both physically and mentally. It's a wonderful environment filled with inspiring people.

Amanda Westbrook

Oakville, ON

Chels and Steve are a dynamic duo, like Batman and Robin! Very knowledgeable of the fitness and health industry and have really built a supportive community at Results! Highly recommended, give it a try. You won't want to workout anywhere else!

Billy Vrbensky

Oakville, ON

Both Steve and Chelsea are phenomenal, I did there three week intro and it was nothing short of awesome. It was tough but well guided and executed, if you want to get in shape doing something fun and targeted, you must do their program. They are knowledgeable, kind, and kick your butt!

Dippi and Josie

Dippi Rakhra

Oakville, ON

I started this program because I was bored with the gym & looking for something different. I found it and I LOVE IT!
Not only does the program work, (if you follow the diet advice), you become a part of the RK family. The owners, Steve and Chelsea are full of love and support for every member. Everyone encourages each other to keep you motivated and to work through those slumps when your energy level is low. 
It doesn't matter if you're young or old, if you're looking for a program that pushes you to be your best- this is for you.
Chase Your Greatness!

Michelle Halliday

Oakville, ON

I joined RK 9 weeks ago and am so thankful I found them. For years I've tried to get healthier and lose weight with little success. I'm happy to say I'm down almost 15 lbs and feel amazing. The workouts get you results but the best part is the atmosphere there. You actually have the support of the entire RK community and aren't just a number like the big box gyms. The encouragement and friendships made are priceless. RK does so much more than help you with your physical goals, they lift your spirit and help you become a better you inside and out.

Debra Emidio

Oakville, ON

I've been doing this programme for 1.5 years now and I LOVE it. Going regularly to the classes has been easier than I thought. The workouts are tough but the comraderie and sense of community is so encouraging that I find myself actually wanting to go and missing it when I can't. The workouts consist of several rounds of circuits and then several rounds on the bags. You are taught everything you need to know! Steve and Chelsea are the dynamic duo that run Results Kickboxing and they not only provide training support during the workouts but assist with goal setting (& monitoring!), nutritional advice and endless motivation. It's not just a gym where I do classes anymore. It's a community and I'm proud to belong to it.

Melissa Merchant

Oakville, ON

I just finished a great workout with Steve and the ladies at the 6am class. This class has tested my strength both physically and mentally and I'm so glad i joined cause I'm accomplishing things i never dreamed i could have done. At 53yrs of age, With Steve and Chelseas encouragement and the inspiring women i workout with i won't give up on being a physically better person. Highly recommend this challenging but fulfilling class. Believe in yourself

Clarice Macedo

Oakville, ON

 I'm truly transformed inside out by these 2 wonderful people Steve and Chelsea and Rk.... this is not just a place of fitness but in fact it's a community building lives by empowering people through positive and healthy relationships with themselves first and then with others around them. I am learning to first respect and accept myself and then respect others however making some healthy choices as a whole for myself and my children.

Sarah Williams

Oakville, ON

Somewhere between 40 and 50 I kind of lost myself and no matter how many times I thought I'd found me I soon realized it was just my shadow. It was when I heard these words spoken just to me by Steve that made me feel valued again. He said " Karen, I'd never ask you to do something I didn't BELIEVE you could do". Only 10 weeks later, I am accomplishing things I never thought I could. Thank you RK for believing in me and being an amazing part of my journey. Life is just better with you in it.

Karen McMahon

Oakville, ON

I love being a part of the results kickboxing family. Steve is a fantastic Trainer and along with his wife Chelsea....they make sure you have a great workout. And the ladies who participate are truly an incredible group! Everyone is family.

Patty Medhurst

Oakville, ON

So I started with the 21 day challenge and I absolutely fell in love with the class! I have always worked out so I thought I would totally be up for this new challenge. I knew it would be a good shock to my system, and that it was! Steve and Chelsea are great! Love them and I love the small community they have built. It is such a great workout and love that it kicks my butt every time...especially today!!! Chelsea you can attest to that lol! Anyways I highly recommend it and just signed up for another month! Thanks RK for challenging me and keeping me motivated!!!❤️🥊💦

Tracey O'Billovich

Oakville, ON

Results kickboxing is dedicated to your goals, the culture is conducive to success. I cannot say enough about how dedicated both Steve and Chelsea are to helping you achieve your fitness and lifestyle goals! Thanks for everything, I highly recommend!

Kurt Benson

Milton, ON

Awesome workout every time! Chelsea, Steve and Laura are always super positive and encouraging.
Each person that walks through the door is made to feel special.

Carmen V

Oakville, ON

Always an amazing experience at rk! Both Steve and Chelsea are great! They both want to see you succeed and help you every step of the way. The workouts are intense and you can see the results. Not only are the owners great but at rk you feel welcomed by everyone and it feels like a family!

Thank you !!!!

Stephanie Belfiore

Oakville, ON

Results Kickboxing have provided my husband and I with a complete lifestyle change. We have both seeing incredible results, from weight loss to building muscle. Our diet changed dramatically, we now not only eat better, but are healthy. We feel better, and continue to strive for a better us. Thanks Results Kickboxing for all your guidance and support. It truly does feel like a family with everyone supporting each other! If your looking for results, and a professional organization that genuinely cares then come by!

Carmela Benson

Oakville, ON

I can't say enough good things about Chelsea and Steve and their amazing program! The environment is always so welcoming and the group of girls are constantly challenging and encouraging one another! I found it hard to motivate myself to go to the gym in the past but the classes at Results Kickboxing are so much fun that I can't wait until the next one! It's a butt-kicking workout and a lot of fun! I HIGHLY recommend this program to everyone!

Nicole Leger

Oakville, ON

I'm so grateful I walked into Results Kickboxing and met Steve and Chelsea
7 months ago! They are both, results oriented for obtaining personal goals and supporting choices for a healthy lifestyle!
I was committed to the 12 week programme and I have far surpassed my original intentions! They support me on a professional and personal basis.
They create an environment where you are working together as a class with the personal gains from one on one coaching. Steve instills and maintains confidence that you can do it attitude and will push you to get that last rep out.
Thankyou Steve and Chelsea for being in my life...showing me my potential and strength!
Donna Harper

Donna Harper

Oakville, ON

Results Kickboxing is so much more than a gym. Steve and Chelsea have created an environment that is inclusive to people if all fitness levels. This power couple has an amazing ability to bring out the best in every single one of their gyms’ members. Steve and Chelsea not only cheer you on while assisting you in crushing your goals, their genuine caring and compassionate combined with their expertise in fitness and nutrition compare to no other. I joined this amazing gym when they first opened their doors and the dedication and hard work that has been put into evolving the gym and it's members has been incredible to be a part of.I am entering my 50th year and the physical transformation of my body after joining the gym has been phenomenal, not to mention how enriched my spirit and soul has become from being a part of such an inspiring group of people. I view that belonging to this community as an investment in my over all health and well being which has allowed me a return that is greater than what I ever could have imagined. Walking in through the doors of this gym feels like coming home to family and after spending an hour chasing my greatness, I walk out feeling like I am on my way to being the very best version of me that I can possibly be.

Tonia Greco

Oakville, ON

I can’t say enough good things about Results Kickboxing. The owners are phenomenal, such genuinely nice people and so talented. The atmosphere is so inviting, uplifting and encouraging. I recommend this gym to all of my friends because its not just another gym, its a community! I highly recommend if you are on the fence about joining, or checking it out to do it. You won’t be disappointed.

Stephanie Rogers

Oakville, ON

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